Course Overview:

Young Explorers
Age 4 - 6


“We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves.”
– Marcel Proust


Art Explorers Junior

Budding artists and creative Young Explorers will enjoy this fun-packed programme focusing on investigating and experimenting with different artistic materials and techniques within an art and craft context. Join our Young Explorers as we discover new ways to express our artistic and creative side, and be exposed to different types of art mediums including: marbling (mixing inks and water); paper mâché (3D objects); jewellery making; painting; collage; finger painting; and more!

Just Play! Junior

Young Explorers who love to sing, dance, and create music will enjoy this musical option. We’ll explore new instruments (such as the xylophone and drums), learn to sing a variety of song styles, connect music with dance and rhythms, and more!

Discover Drama

If you huff and puff, can you blow the Three Little Pigs’ house down? Join our Young Explorers as we explore our favourite fairy tales, the characters we love, the beloved fantasies we enjoy - and we’ll work together to create our own performance!


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Young Explorers who are just beginning the exciting journey of language discovery will be motivated and encouraged to speak and interact in English. Together we will enjoy a wide range of fun activities including art, games, puzzles, quizzes, and songs designed to stretch, enhance and increase our English vocabulary. Join our Young Explorers as we begin exploring phonic activities to develop stronger reading abilities.

Creative Story-Telling

Suitable for Young Explorers of all language backgrounds, Creative Story-Telling will focus on alphabet recognition, sounds, and early reading and writing. We’ll have fun with computer games, themes, stories, drama, and crafts that will help develop our literacy skills. Join our Young Explorers as we discover new ways to express ourselves - and as we unlock the adventures in our imaginations!


Amazing Science

Be introduced to the wonderful and amazing world of science! Our junior scientists will engage in fun, hands-on learning activities that are sure to bring smiles to faces as we explore light & sound; primary, secondary, and tertiary colours; magnets; states of matter; and more! Each lesson topic offers the opportunity to develop skills of observation, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Join our Young Explorers in this meaningful way to create first memories of science fun!

Dino Discovery

Explore the wonders of prehistoric life with hands-on activities that guarantee learning, discovery, and fun! Our junior palaeontologists will learn fascinating facts about the dinosaurs, how they lived, their evolution and extinction. We’ll have loads of fun learning about the most extraordinary dinosaurs to walk the earth; exploring dinosaur habitats 65 million years ago, and making our own dinosaur habitats (complete with volcanoes!); learning about excavation and participating in a dino dig; making our own dinosaur fossils; and more!


Active Adventure

Are you ready to have fun!? Energetic Young Explorers who are developing physical abilities will have an active adventure as they master rolling and jumping while participating in games. We’ll become stronger in hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, and cross movement coordination for better balance, agility, and sports performance. Join our Young Explorers as we explore and experience several exciting sports!

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