Course Overview:

Brave Pathfinders
Age 7 – 10


“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi


English as a Second Language (ESL)

In the Brave Pathfinders course, we will focus on understanding our main skills of English language development, and developing confidence within our individual language needs. We will navigate specific communication skills through vocabulary building, reading comprehension, written expression, and English speaking ability. Join our Brave Pathfinders as we expand our English skills!

Creative Story-Telling

Suitable for Brave Pathfinders that are either native English speakers or able to use English fluently (as appropriate for their age), Creative Story-Telling will encourage creative expression by introducing a variety of themes, stories, drama, art, and interactive play. Join our Brave Pathfinders to discover a path that allows you to express your fascinating adventures!


Art Explorers Junior

Budding artists and creative Brave Pathfinders will enjoy this fun-packed programme focusing on investigating and experimenting with different artistic materials and techniques within an art and craft context. Join our Brave Pathfinders as we discover new ways to express our artistic and creative side, and be exposed to different types of art mediums including: marbling (mixing inks and water); paper mâché (3D objects); jewellery making; painting; collage; finger painting; and more!

Just Play! Junior

Brave Pathfinders who love to sing, dance, and create music will enjoy this musical option. We’ll explore instruments, rhythms and dance (jazz, hip hop, etc), a variety of singing styles, and more! We will also experiment with Garage Band, and how we can create and record our own music!

Discover Drama

What are your favourite fairy tales? Brave Pathfinders will explore our favourite fairy tales, the characters we love, the beloved fantasies we enjoy - and we we’ll work together to create our own performance! Discover acting, scripts, dramatic flair, props, and more! Perhaps you will be the villainous Big, Bad Wolf who terrorises the Three Little Pigs; or maybe the heroic Jack who climbs the Beanstalk and confronts the Giant; or one of the lovely sisters, Anna and Elsa, singing a duet. Join our Brave Pathfinders on this dramatic adventure, and perhaps we will even create our own unique fairy-tale!


SuperHero Science

Loki is leading an army of Frost Giants to invade Earth! As our best and brightest S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, you have been selected to help the Avengers in battle. Accompany the Avengers and help them to complete their missions. Clear blocked passageways, defeat enemy drones, distract and destroy Frost Giants… Earth depends on you! Our young S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents will gain exposure to both the scientific method and the engineering design process, and learn fundamental principles and concepts used in the natural sciences and civil, mechanical and chemical engineering. We’ll have a great time: exploring chemical reactions and creating our own “explosives”; engineering enemy traps (with superhero slime!); experimenting with projectile trajectories for Hawkeye; rebuilding Avengers Tower; and more!

Once Upon a Time

Did you know that the Three Little Pigs were civil engineers? And the poor, much-maligned Big, Bad Wolf was only a structural engineer trying to do his job!? This unit harnesses the power of beloved children’s stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack & the Beanstalk, Hansel & Gretel, The Gingerbread Man, and The Billy Goats Gruff to expose our young Engineers and Scientists to basic scientific and engineering principles and concepts used in aeronautical, civil, marine and mechanical engineering, chemistry, and even forensic science! We will have loads of fun: building boats for the Billy Goats Gruff; designing a working parachute for Jack; making ice cream with Anna and Elsa; solving the mystery of the Gingerbread Man’s escape; and more!



Who doesn’t love a good mystery? In this forensic science unit, our junior Crime Scene Investigators (C.S.I.s) will try their hand at scientific crime-solving and learn all about fingerprinting techniques, DNA sample testing, crime scene processing, and more! Junior C.S.I.s will have an opportunity to develop their skills of observation, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Join our Brave Pathfinders as we have fun learning about: fingerprints and their role in crime-solving; footprints and their relation to a person’s height; dental impressions and how dental matching can be used in identification (very important when you want to know who took a bite out of your cookie!); how forensic chemists identify mysterious unknown substances; and more!

Space Camp

Are you an aspiring astronaut or astronomer? Prepare to be launched on a space exploration adventure! Through engaging hands-on activities, Brave Pathfinders will learn about planet Earth, space, and our solar system. On the way, we’ll be exposed to scientific concepts such as Newton’s laws of motion and states of matter. Join our Brave Pathfinders as we have a great time: learning about phases of the moon; making a comet; designing our own constellations; building and launching our own space rockets; and more!


Active Adventure

Brave Pathfinders can experience a variety of active adventures that will bring improved locomotive skills, fitness, body control, and spatial awareness. Our passionate coaches are excited to guide our Brave Pathfinders along a fun journey of ball games, adventure challenges, group competitions, and more!

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